Saturday, February 18, 2012

Art & Rolemaster

Just a quick thing, but I've always preferred the art in Rolemaster to D&D. I mean, yeah, D&D, T&T, and WFRP all have cool art, and I find them all to be inspiring. But the illustrations in MERP and RM!

I mean, just look at the cover for Rolemaster in the 90s:

I mean, to me, that just yells for me to roll up some characters and go adventuring. It has danger, non-combat awesomeness, the citadel in the distance, the griffon/hippogriff/I can't remember the difference flying in the background.

Man, I think I should change my new setting to Rolemaster.... Does anyone know a good character generator? That's always been my big problem with the game...


  1. I love rolemaster. I just recently returned after years of absence and as before, I still have trouble with character creation. You have a learning curve, but its the best RPG system ever, hands down.

  2. Yeah, that's the main problem, it takes a while to make characters, and is rather complex, but if you get into it, it runs so well, and is just amazing. Best ever