Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book of Vile Randomness

Hey, just a quick note that Ian from Magician's Manse is creating a free book of random tables if you are interested. I have already submitted my old d100 chart of character backgrounds.

Spread the word! Submit tables!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Books of Sorcery

Right now I'm listening to some Social Distortion while going through my old rpg stuff and filing it away in my new binder.

While doing this, I came across a small table of b/x 1st level spells organised into six books of sorcery. I picked the idea up from some blog or other a while ago, and decided to make the tables.

So, for the tables: When a new magic-user is created, roll 1d6 to find out which common sorcery book they start out with:

1d6 Result
1. The Adventures of Hurgh
2. The Tome of Common Sorcery
3. Encyclopedia of Easy Magic
4. Compendium of Wondrous Wizardry
5. Rhialto's Easy Instructions on Magic, Volume I
6. Collected Works of Thersin, Volume II

The books themselves:
The Adventures of Hurgh
1. Charm Person
2. Ventruiloquism
3. Sleep
4. Light
5. Magic Missile

Tome of Common Sorcery
1. Magic Missile
2. Sleep
3. Protection from Evil

Encyclopedia of Easy Magic
1. Read Magic
2. Detect Magic

Compendium of Wondrous Wizardry
1. Light
2. Hold Portal
3. Read Languages

Rhialto's Easy Instructions on Magic, Volume I
1. Charm Person
2. Read Magic
3. Ventriloquism
4. Floating Disc

Collected Works of Thersin, Volume II
1. Magic Missile
2. Protection from Evil
3. Shield
4. Hold Portal
5. Read Magic
6. Web (Note: level 2 spell)

If you're wondering how I did these, I just rolled 1d6 to see how many spells they had, and then just rolled d12s to find what spells they had.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Well, as the title of this post suggests, I'm feeling sort of, well, 'blah' about roleplaying right now, which stems from the fact that I haven't bought anything new, and I haven't gamed for about a year now (and no, I don't mean from the start of this year,I mean for 365 days of not gaming, possibly a bit longer), so I;m not really sure how the blog's going to work.

If I get a cool idea, or get something from rolling on random tables, I'll post it on here. Otherwise, this blog is probably going to be a bit out, although I will continue reading, and commenting on, other blogs.

So, hopefully this blog will still chug along, though even slower than it is right now.