Sunday, July 25, 2010

d100 chart of character backgrounds

I created this table a while ago for a T&T game that I almost ran (i.e we never played it in the end). If you use it for D&D or something, it might require some modification. Hope you enjoy : )

1. A thief
2. A crusader only just returned
3. A member of the Royal Guard
4. A duelist
5. An errant knight
6. A young noble seeking fame, fortune and glory
7. A hardened mercenary
8. A common thug
9. A conman
10. A bounty hunter
11. A pirate
12. A privateer
13. A corsair from some distant land
14. A farmer
15. A merchant
16. A courtier in exile
17. A soldier
18. A sailor
19. A priest
20. A priest of an exotic religion
21. A murderer on the run
22. A spy
23. A healer
24. An veteran of a recent war
25. An assassin
26. A druidic priest
27. A heretic
28. A marine
29. An escaped slave
30. An officer
31. A cavalryman
32. A pick-pocket
33. A professional gambler
34. An executioner
35. A revolutionary
36. A common peasant
37. A miner
38. A poet
39. A musician
40. A fake priest
41. A wandering charlatan
42. A wandering 'law-giver'
43. a hunter
44. a disgraced condottiere
45. a knight
46. an elf-child*
47. a fake prophet
48. a priest of a dying out faith
49. a political exile
50. a psychologically disturbed war veteran
51. A sage
52. a man from the Moon
53. a man from the seas at the end of the world
54. a survivor of a totally destroyed city (like what the Romans did to Carthage)
55. a beggar
56. a tomb robber
57. a member of the Watch
58. a schizophrenic
59. a witch-hunter
60. a lover of an evil witch
61. a member of a cult
62. an escaped soul from the House of Darkness**
63. a barbarian savage
64. a bandit
65. an artist
66. a diplomat
67. a detective
68. a drug addict
69. a depressed alcoholic
70. an explorer
71. a herdsman
72. a fisherman
73. a decadent noble
74. a madman
75. a shaman
76. a scholar
77. a grave digger
78. someone stricken with wanderlust
79. a cartographer
80. a writer
81. a wandering trader
82. an alchemist
83. a juggler
84. a scientist
85. a taxidermist
86. a psychotic who believes is a deity
87. a disgraced or di
88. a wanted criminal
89. a cannibal
90. a nomad
91. a retired general
92. a demonicist***
93. an inn-keeper
94. a racketeer
95. a gatherer of intelligence
96. a viking
97. a messenger
98. an engineer
99. a prince from a conquered principality
00. a visitor from another world

*an elf-child is someone who was raised by elves
**sort of an underworld, the underworld of Akkaddian religion
***demonicist comes from the English verb (seriously, look it up in the Shorter Oxford Dictionary, its under demo-) demonamachy, meaning 'to fight demons', so we get, demonicist, 'someone who fights demons'.

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