Sunday, July 25, 2010

A bit on the Grand Universe

Well, I've started working out the details of the Grand Universe. For the main SF elements, I'm drawing inspiration from Shatterzone (a fairly awesome OOP rpg by WEG, the guys who did the Star Wars d6 rpg, which is also incredibly awesome), some elements from the computer games Quake 2, Metroid, and lastly, most of the stuff from Traveller's Third Imperium.

As for the rules, I've been working up on the new Mongoose Traveller.

Now, for the required SF division of the galaxy into several convenient sectors:

The Hub: The Hub is where the interstellar nations mainly rule, from the Consortium of Worlds, safe behind the Shatterzone, to the two greatest of all nations, the Third Imperium, and the Imperium of Man*. The space of the Hub is always filled with merchants and pirates, police ships and the mighty war fleets of the nations, battling in the cold ice of the void.

The Primitive, or 'Victorian', Zone: The Primitive Zone is dominated by the one planet, called Earth, with it's various nations having ventured into space in primitive starships powered by steam. Although the nations of the Zone are weak, the armies are some of the finest, and there is no sight more glorious to see then an army of red-clad soldiers lining up on some forsaken world, bravely facing the charge of a horde of barbarous aliens.

The Medieval Rim: The most primitive of all sectors in the galaxy, the people of the Medieval Rim are made up of a strange assortment of dozens upon dozens of strange creatures, from humanoids like elves to massive dragons. Although travel between the worlds is limited, there are a few exceptions, and occasionally some have traveled to the Hub, and every now and then a lone starship has come under assault from a huge dragon, dwarfing the scout ships of the Hub.

The Unknown: The Unknown is a vast region of unexplored space, filled with hostile aliens and the occasional savage human population. Although it is stated that none from the Hub have ever entered the Unknown, ancient records tell of a united humanity waging war in the unknown against a horrifying opponent, called the Strogg**.

Well, that pretty much wraps up the sectors of space within the Grand Universe!

*The Imperium of Man is from Warhammer 40,000. An incredibly awesome setting, if I do say so myself.

**The Strogg are from the computer game Quake 2 and 4. They are, of course, lurking in the Unknown, gathering their strength for a huge assault on the galaxy.

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