Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Setting

I've started on creating the setting for our game (still undecided on the rules).

For the basis, I've created a rough map of the Kingdom of Ether, and a few surrounding nations, and made a fairly detailed hex map for Ether, though I still need to stock the map.

The kingdom is centered around the Jewel of the Eastern Coast, Etherim, made entirely out of jade, obsidian, and marble.

There is currently great tension between Ether and the surrounding nations, as they are members of the Church of the Triumvirate (I found this on some blog or other, I can't remember which one), while the officials of Ether worship their own pantheon.

The reason for this is that Ether is ruled by a foreign warlord from a distant land (ans Assyrian culture, determined using Kellri's CDD#4), though most of the natives of the kingdom worship the Church (being, like the surrounding nations, a basic Germanic culture).

So that is my setting so far. I'm currently working on a list of German and Assyrian names to help me name NPCs, as well as details for the two religions.

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