Monday, August 16, 2010

Metroid Prime Trilogy

I finally managed to track down a copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii, and have been playing it as much as possible (well, playing Metroid Prime 1, at least).

It's a really awesome game, though I don't particularly care for the Wii controls, and wish I could use the Gamecube controllers. Oh well, life sucks and then you die. : )

As for the Grand Universe, I'm so totally stealing the Space Pirates from the Metroid games. The Space Pirates are a nomadic alien race of, well, space pirates.

I just have to have them in the Grand Universe. I mean, an entire species of space pirates. So, for my games, any space pirate encounter has a 50% chance (yeah I know, I love 50% chances) of being an encounter with Space Pirates.

I'll most probably post their stats for Traveller and D&D (my 'version) later.

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