Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thanks and Session Report

First of all, just a quick thanks about the blogroll thing. : )

Now, onto a fairly amusing (to me, at least) session report.

It was the first session of the game, and we had just rolled up a bard, assassin, M-U (specialised as a necromancer), and a paladin.

I had created the wilderness, placing a vampire's castle for higher-level play, or a session of horror. The pcs rode up to the castle and promptly massacred the twenty or so skeletons with insane rolls.

So, I think the vampire is going to utterly hammer them. He comes out to fight, and misses every attack and special ability, while the pcs knock him around with their weapons. So, I then think, 'vampires are strong and fast. I'll give him a bonus and he'll pown them in melee.'

And what happens? He utterly fails. And gets his back broken by the M-U!!!!!! So, with a broken arm and back, he turns into gaseous form and escapes into the castle. The pcs promptly loot the castle and skeletons, before riding back to town, victorious.

It was completely ridiculous.


  1. I love using undead, but the party cleric always makes my skeletons and ghouls look silly. I hate that. So much!

  2. Yeah, that's so annoying!

    Luckily for me, though, my players hate being clerics. Every game, there's always a fighter-type, thief, and one or two m-us.